Aquimuli ta ça ùhlek, ago ße tadanu qoinb-ai uq kara-ai tudni machara, sodner âquimuli ta ça ùhlek, ago uq kara-ai tudni machara ße tadanu qoinb-ai. Abraham Lincoln
Aquimuli ta ça ùhlek, ago ße tadanu qoinb-ai uq kara-ai tudni machara, sodner âquimuli ta ça ùhlek, ago uq kara-ai tudni machara ße tadanu qoinb-ai. Abraham Lincoln

That's what happens if translation is considered as neglectible: one of the most important speeches of democracy, a salad of words...

Do better than the famous american president. Rely on the quality of the work of a qualified and officially recognized translator.

A novel, an instruction manual, a form or a letter - everything reaches the public better if common language traps are recognized and avoided.

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